About Us

Drones have high potential for improving agriculture including enhancing crop scouting & health monitoring through the use of NDVI, providing 3D terrain mapping, improving irrigation management, and assisting in crop damage assessment.

Birdseye Farming is a full drone service from drone to tractor.  We have our own drones, licensed pilots and computer hardware and software that makes us a complete service solution!

Rapidly Identify Problems

Whole field and right now condition, data is one of the most valuable pieces of information in a precision program. Dronel field imagery provides at-a-glance, actionable information that ground scouting can’t match. Birdseye Farming Field Health Reports present aerial imagery with clear color contrast that makes identifying issues in the field easy and intuitive. Field Health Reports distinguish healthy areas from those that require attention, enabling farmers to see where to make timely adjustments during the growing season. The reports provide critical, actionable agricultural intelligence that saves producers money, whether by making field scouting more efficient, or by identifying areas compromised by hailstorms, blights, insects, or other pests in time to treat those areas and increase yields.

What is NDVI?

I hear about it but what is it?

  The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is an index of plant “greenness” or photosynthetic activity, and is one of the most commonly used vegetation indices.

As you can see the picture on the left, healthy vegetation reflects more of the Near Infrared Light (NIR) then more green and red and blue but a plant that is stressed reflects more red light and less near infrared light.

Likewise, non-vegetated surfaces have a much more even reflectance across the light spectrum.  

210 Acre Field

While difficult to see on such a small picture, there are five (5) different colors on this map representing plant health.  Red represents bad health or no plants and the green represents  healthy plants.  There is also yellow, orange, and burnt orange  (RdYlGn scale) representing different levels of health in between. 

Zoomed In

This is a Zoomed in view of a scetion of this field.


From Drone to Tractor

You get a SHP file for up to five different rate applications to plug into your tractor to save money buy not applying 100% to your entire field

Field Drainage

Contour Maps

 Drones can quickly create highly accurate 3D terrain maps by providing multiple angles of data capture with high-resolution visual cameras. These maps can be used to improve field drainage systems.  

 One interviewee noted that for 160 acre field, an ATV mounted with GPS took 2.5 hours to drive in 50 foot swaths. The GPS-fitted ATV provided slightly over 9,000 data points for the field elevation profile. The ATV was unable to obtain information for low spots in the field as the soil was saturated with water in these locations. In contrast, a drone operator flew his drone over the same 160 acre field in 20 minutes and, after 4 hours of data processing, obtained over 60 million data points for constructing the field elevation profile. 

Crop Insurance

 Drones provide value in crop insurance through their capability for swift deployment after a damage-inducing event occurs.

Drones fitted with high-resolution visual spectrum sensors can be used to verify insurance claims by evaluating the extent of area lost and potential yields for the lost area.